O nwe m


O nwe m, my unclaimed betrothed/

Cause to my broken melody/

The rhythm  never sung/

To you, to me/


My true love/

I write you from the depth I know not/

Deep in the dark I have ventured not/

You, tempest that lies within/


O  nwe m, I long to hold you/

The pain you feel I want too/

Wither is all I do without you/

Like lilies I decay too/


I lost her in search of you,  O nwe m/

She went away, I wept for you/

I wait on like the spinster/

Until i meet you O nwe m/


To love you is bad/

Not to love you is worse/

I love both, to love and not to/

Not to lose you, feels better/


Embers of my passion burn out/

My frustrations spent/

Truly, I tire out /

In search of my love O nwe m/


My patience is my strength/

Longing my Spartan/

Tireless, firm, unflinching/

In wait to discover O nwe m/