I watch more television these days. Because of my 9-year-old cousin who would not live the tv for hours unending, I just have to sit and watch. More like a guidance. She gives me the gist of the latest in tv and whet my appetite to want to watch.

But I have a major problem with the adverts that find their way to our Nigerian television.

“If I don’t take care of them, who would…” “Brushing with sensodyne twice daily can keep your teeth free from cold and pain” “When you are tired of you name we would be tired of saying our brand” I can go on and on…. Those are some of the slogans of the leading brands in adverts on television today.

My problem is….

v  My little cousin nearly poured a bottle of Dettol in our jar of drinking water because she saw it on tv. In case am not there to stop her, or other parents are not there to stop there 9-year-olds, who checks the impression advertising contents has on minors? Are adverts not a little miss leading like in this case?


v  A seemingly medical expert comes on tv and endorses a brand of toothpaste. Fine. No problem. But who verifies that the speaker on tv is truly a registered medical personnel and not a fraud?


Note: I don’t have a problem with any of the adverts, am just concerned about people like my cousin who swallow everything they see on tv.